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POP UP with Classa Boutique

Hey Loves!

Classa Boutique was selected as one of this years vendor to participate in St’Art Up second  annual initiative, BUYIN.

We are so grateful and super excited to participate in this great opportunity!

Thank you Develop INDY (St’ART Up), Indy Chambers, and Pattern! Starting May 1st -31st, we will be participating in a POP Up opportunity along with other amazing small businesses on Mass Ave (602 N. Park Ave). We will host our grant opening next weekend May 3rd from 6pm to 9pm. Come and see us!

“St’ART Up 317 is a competitive program that aims to match young brands, established businesses wanting to test a new market, startups and artists, with vacant and under-utilized first floor commercial space in downtown neighborhoods to create pop-up stores.”




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