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Black Magic

The new year is off to a great start celebrating black history with the newest movie called The black panther. Now before I go into details about how ecstatic I was after watching the trailer and the movie premier, I must say that if you do not have plans for Valentine's Day yet please do yourself or someone a favor and go see the most talked about movie of the year! If you haven't heard about or have any idea of what I'm talking about, below is the trailer to the movie. Now get ready to witness what I call Black Magic.
Well I'm pretty sure since the movie premier caught everyone's attention the movie theaters will most likely be sold out so do not forget to add this to your plans. One thing I absolutely loved about the premier is that the black panther cast along with other well known celebrities showed up and showed out in their best African inspired attire. If this year fashion trend gonna be all about representing the culture of Africa I'm here for all of it. Just to name a few we are all familiar with that's  among the cast and definitely slayed their entire loo. Now Angela Basset, That gold mustard color outfit was everything. Her look was simple yet bold and stunning. Lupita showed up serving us with that African Goddess look. From her natural styled updo down to her melanin skin complementing her purple royal dress which happens to match the carpet. This next one is exactly how I would show up to a African movie premier, with a crown. Yes,  I love the fact that Queen Janelle Monae showed out with her crown which went so beautifully with her black, white and blue off the shoulder gown. When I say the ladies did not come to play, they didn't. Of course some men came dressed in their dashikis, some matching their dates! Seriously guys this is a much see. February 16th I will be watching this in a movie theater near you. This might already be my favorite movie this year.
Blog Post by: Florence Fahnbulleh



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