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A Word from Johnetta

Hello Loves! You good? How is life on your side of the world? This is just a quick post and words of encouragement. I hope you can relate and if not, please share with your friends or someone you know that this could help.

I have learned quite a bit in three years  while building my business from scratch with no previous experience. To be honest, I am  still learning by the way. The journey hasn't been easy but it will all be worth it. Like anything good, there will be different kind of obstacles but what matters the most is how you deal with them. I say this to encourage you all, no matter what ventures you've set out to accomplish, always remember that the test comes first before the reward. Stay focus, stay positive, and remember that success does not come over night. There are lot of unseen tears, disappoints, obstacles, joy, excitements, sacrifices, long hours of planning, failing, and a whole lot of prayers. Keep pushing and do not quit. 

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Thanks for reading. Share, Share, and Share. Have an amazing day! 


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