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Valentines Day 

2018 is finally here to say the least. We made it to another year to be better and start any ideas we have been dreaming about. Even if it's planning your dream wedding! Speaking of wedding, I noticed many people got engaged and some even tied the knot over the holidays. With January coming to an end & February quickly approaching, Now is the time to start planning how you will be celebrating Valentines Day. When I think of Valentine's Day, I instantly think about LOVE! The four letter word that means so much more than what people perceive it to be. Every relationship we have with people requires love and sacrifice. Most people don't know how to truly love others because they lack self love. Everything starts from self and that's where the love begins. We have to understand that this special day is not only for people in Romantic relationships. Anyone can celebrate whether you are single, young, old, mother or even if you don't have the funds to celebrate how you want. There are a list of things to do that's  free and fun, you just have to get online & search. Just to name a few; if you don't have anyone to celebrate this day with, you can still do something loving and fun for yourself. You can go shopping and find your best outfit, put on a little makeup, and get a photo-shoot going. You can get pampered with a massage, mani & pedi, or you can go eat or do something you love doing. The point of this day is to spend every moment being in love. No matter who you are or with or where you are; you can spread love to others that need it or simply just give that love to yourself.
By: Florence Fahnbulleh

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