Who is a BOSS? A BOSS is a woman who gets life done, whether at work, at home, or the office. She is in control. We understand the struggles that women have to endure in the workplace and moreover having to start a business from scratch. As a BOSS, you get it done effortlessly. Our BOSS Collection is dedicated to women in business across the world. We see your strength, your curiosity, your touch on innovation and how you re-define success on your term. As you BOSS up as a working mom, a  single woman, or a young millennial who is still trying to find her voice, we hear you and we see you. This collection is for you! We want you to BOSS up in style.

Proceeds from this collection will be donated to selected women owned nonprofit organizations around the world. We will list the winners soon. Thank you all for your support and patience over the last few months. Classa has so many great things in the works. We cannot wait to share with you all soon. In the meantime, we celebrate all our BOSSes around the world. Yes, just BOSS. ❤❤