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"Being deeply loved gives us strength and deeply loving others' gives us meaning." -Jay Shetty I always get in great spirit during the holidays. The holiday for me has a stillness and silence that allows me to rest my mind and fully activate my heart. It is a great time to spend with the people I love and those that love me most. I find that as I spend quality time with the people I care about; I am my unfiltered self, present in the moment, and vulnerable. The holidays enables me to realize what truly matters in this life, which...

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Online shopping has been my favorite ways to shop for so many years. On any given day, I will choose online shopping over going to the mall for these reasons: the convenience, the comfort it brings of doing it from home, and the many options just "one click away." Unfortunately, shopping online comes with many unforeseen fears. One of those fears being that what you buy wouldn't look like it did online. Another being issues with fitting. Finally, the fear that you could just be wasting your money. These are all important things to consider while shopping online. I have...

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