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Dreams work when You don’t QUIT

As a young girl, all I ever dreamt of was to create a system that will allow me to leverage my life and the life of those around me. God opened doors of  opportunities for me and I left my mother and young siblings to seek refuge in a new country. That was 20 years ago. Today I sit here and reflect on how far life has brought me. It hits me, I am the only person in my family from my mother’s side to have graduated college, have a career that humbles my soul, and a Business that I continue to work towards fulfilling. In no way am I better than my relatives back home. If anything, they are all the reasons why I strive daily to reach my full potential.  Now this May mean nothing to you but Classa Boutique was created four years ago to bridge a gap that is so Inevitably apparent in the Lives of youth in Liberia and many other countries. This has never been just about the money, there lies a bigger purpose. I get ask ever-so-often, why you started ? What drives you to stay so consistent? My answer, I have a purpose to fulfill a dream to realize. My younger self is looking up to me and so are my entire family. Running Classa Boutique has not been easy especially within the last two years as my life has shifted from being a single woman, student with less responsibilities than I have now. The last two years has blessed me with a great career that I enjoy, a husband, and a beautiful baby boy who has changed my life forever. Although the last two years has been challenging, I have learned so much about business and myself. I truly have a passion for this and no matter what, I will never quit! I write this to encourage business owners like myself to stay the course and always remember WHY you started this journey. The challenging times are many. The financial investment will sometimes get you broke for awhile. You will lose sleep, time, friends, and your mind. But, do not quit! I continue to remind myself this exact advice. I hope we all make it. I hope you continue to learn your craft. 


Best wishes,


Johnetta K. 

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